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How can innovative packaging serve as an effective marketing tool?

03.09.2023 08:00
How can innovative packaging serve as an effective marketing tool?
For anyone who has ever tried their hand at entrepreneurship, it is abundantly clear that the modern market is wide and saturated with various goods and services, making the competition for consumer attention and wallet fierce. On the path to gaining consumer recognition and loyalty, every detail matters, including product packaging. Let's not forget that packaging often serves as the first impression people have of your company.

Modern and innovative packaging - conquering international markets.
Packaging manufacturer "Aspari" is a professional company with over 25 years of experience in the industry, having collaborated with many leading food manufacturing companies in Latvia. Over the years, successful cooperation with "Aspari" has helped numerous domestic producers enter the international level. The company's motto has always been to keep up with industry trends and innovations and encourage Latvian producers to do the same.

Based on the experiences of their customers and regular visits to leading industry exhibitions and professional events worldwide, "Aspari" specialists have gathered their insights on what makes good, modern, and innovative packaging for product exports and how to use it for marketing purposes.

Creating a positive shopping experience!
In a context where consumers often have the option to choose from numerous similar alternatives, people are not only buying the product itself but also the shopping experience and positive emotions it provides. Whether consciously or not, some consumers are willing to pay more for a product whose packaging appeals to them.

To ensure that the customer's first encounter with your company is exciting and encourages repeat business, consider the following aspects regarding product packaging:

  • Speak clearly in a language the customer understands! This means placing all necessary information on the packaging in a well-thought-out, easily readable manner, avoiding complex terms and overly small prints.
  • "A picture is worth a thousand words" - this truth still holds, and it's worth investing in high-quality packaging design.
  • Packaging should be convenient and easy to open! Experience shows that people won't buy a product that has already irritated them before they even start using it.
  • Depending on the product's specifics and the story you want to create a mysterious and transparent approach can work. For example, "Aspari" achieved a true success story with their transparent lids for fish and other products. At the same time, many online shoppers find it exciting to unwrap their orders layer by layer, as if getting closer to a mystery. The key is to carefully consider who your customers are and what they likely expect.
  • Don't be afraid to be creative and use unprecedented techniques and nuances; it will be appreciated!

How else can packaging be used to achieve marketing goals?
In addition to the primary functions of packaging, representing the company's image, and creating a positive shopping experience, marketing specialists develop new ways to encourage customer loyalty. After all, packaging is the only marketing channel that can reach almost one hundred percent of users.

  • Stickers with discount coupons for the next purchase or special offers - people like the feeling that they get something extra when making a purchase, and, according to survey results, this type of bonus ranks convincingly in the first place.
  • QR codes on the packaging or inside it. Nowadays, various digital marketing channels are widespread for reaching audiences, but equally widespread are filters and ad-blocking systems on users' devices. Packaging is a clever way to direct people to your website.

If you want consumers to notice your products first on store shelves if you're going to stay ahead of competitors if you plan to enter international markets - "Aspari" innovative packaging is precisely what you need.
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