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Canpeel transparent tin can lids is an innovative packaging product on the market. Also known as Peel Off metal lid with transparent membrane or Round Peel Off ends with transparent plastic membrane. The new transparent tin can lids let you look at the contents of the canned food without opening its packaging. This is a great way to present your products to customers in the store so that they can be sure about the quality of your products. Transparent lids are available in three different sizes: 73mm, 83mm, 99mm and 1/4 Club Can. The covers are manufactured in Switzerland and are of the highest quality, with the same durability properties as ordinary metal lids. One of the biggest advantages of a transparent lids is that they can be easily opened without special tools. Canpeel lids can be custom made using your design. These lids are mostly used in fish processing factories and fruit preservation companies.
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