Aspari is a family business. Therefore honesty, mutual respect, collaboration and loyalty are values that form the foundation of the company’s development and relationship with customers.

Our products

Our goal is to offer food packages such as transparent metal tin can lids or polypropylene (plastic) containers for storing food or non-food products made by the latest technology. Our main advantage is that we cooperate with several manufacturers at the same time so that we can provide continuous delivery, and we also diligently check the quality of products manufactured by our represented companies. Our quality of work has been appreciated by many companies in Latvia, Poland, Russia, and we are ready to cooperate with any other company in any country. We are constantly searching for new and innovative food packaging ideas and therefore we will introduce and offer you the most innovative product packages available at the moment and find solutions for any of your needs.


Our thin-walled polypropylene (PP) packaging for freeze-dried DREILING products
03.01.2022 08:00
Dreiling produces candied, freeze-dried (lyophilized) fruit, berry and vegetable crisps and house wine. 100% natural snacks are produced only from those grown in Latvia. Rhubarb, pumpkins, quinces, sea buckthorn, blackcurrants, raspberries, blueberries and cranberries, these are just some of the Latvian delicacies that Dreiling turns into delicious products.
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Collaboration partners

Aspari is continuously improving its operation by developing new products. Our goal is to become a recognized and highly appreciated service provider in the field.

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