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Innovative packaging for safe and long-term storage of food and non-food products.

27.08.2023 08:00
Innovative packaging for safe and long-term storage of food and non-food products.
To ensure the successful circulation of food and non-food products in the market, the packaging offered to consumers plays a significant role. From metal can lids to polypropylene or plastic containers, the packaging must be of high quality and safe to guarantee maximum shelf life for the products.

Polypropylene containers for food and non-food products
ASPARi offers various forms of polypropylene containers suitable for both food and non-food product packaging. These containers are available in different shapes and sizes, including round, oval, and rectangular ones. Custom shapes can also be created based on the client's submitted sketch, with container volumes ranging from 80 ml to 2000 ml. These containers are perfect for packaging various food items such as dairy products, honey, and jams, as well as other pourable and fillable non-food items. ASPARi also provides transparent metal can lids that are widely recognized and used by major food manufacturers. The containers, bins, and boxes offered by ASPARi are heat-resistant and suitable for freezing, microwave use, and recyclable.

Highly acclaimed product packaging
ASPARi ensures that its clients receive the latest and most innovative product packaging solutions available in the market. The quality of their product packaging is recognized and used not only by Latvian manufacturers but also by companies in Russia, Italy, Poland, Sweden, and many other countries.

To provide each client with the most suitable and optimal solution for their food or non-food product packaging needs, ASPARi collaborates with several manufacturers simultaneously. This ensures a constant supply and consistently high product quality.

ASPARi is continuously evolving!
ASPARi does not stand still but continues to develop its operations to meet various customer needs. The company constantly keeps track of the latest innovations in the field of food product packaging and constantly seeks new and unprecedented technological solutions, enabling them to offer their clients new and innovative types of product packaging.

ASPARi offers:

3D labels
Labels with a 3D effect from Italy that can be applied to any packaging! These labels are commonly used for wine bottles in Italy and are also widely used for other packaging, such as cookie and candy boxes.

Transparent lids
Transparent lids for metal and aluminum can containers, produced in Switzerland, provide perfect visibility of the content inside the can. The lids can also be custom printed with individual designs.

Digital printing on packaging film
Digital printing on packaging film with any desired design.

Polypropylene containers and lids
Thin-walled polypropylene containers and lids of various volumes and types (with or without handles) made in Lithuania, suitable for various products, both food and non-food. Individual designs can be printed on them.

Stretching machines
Stretching machines and spare parts are manufactured according to Swiss standards, offering the highest quality equipment from Switzerland.

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