Our goal is to offer the latest innovative product packaging available. We are constantly searching for new technologies and also looking for solutions for different customer needs. We also offer new types of food packaging. Presenting ourselves and discovering new innovative packaging technologies, we have participated in many exhibitions and have become familiar with many different manufacturers
Honey, Australia - a new customer
26.10.2021 08:00
Polypropylene food container design with IML for a new customer - Swan Valley Honey
New customer from Latvia
25.10.2021 08:00
KAIGO - a seafood processing and wholesale company from Latvia, which specializes only in the creation and distribution of the highest quality products.
Tuttofood, Milano
21.10.2021 08:00
From October 22 to 26 - we visit the TUTTOFOOD exhibition in Milan
34 Salón Gourmets
19.10.2021 08:00
We are attending 34 Salón Gourmets exhibition in Madrid!
Quite big exhibition with 3 halls and a lot of gourmet producers.
ANUGA 2021
08.10.2021 08:00
Anuga food and beverage industry exhibition Anuga takes place in Cologne from 9 to 13 October 2021.
We will visit it from October 9-11, 2021
CONXEMAR exhibition in Spain
06.10.2021 08:00
International Frozen Seafood Exhibition - CONXEMAR EXHIBITION 2021 takes place from 5 to 7 October in Vigo (Pontevedra), Spain
Transparent CANPEEL® lid for our customer's product
29.09.2021 08:00
Mussels in fine rapeseed oil - packed by hand
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