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Tuna from peas
14.09.2021 08:00
The manufacturer of canned fish JSC "Karavela" plans to start in the export markets with an innovative product - canned vegan tuna. The raw materials for the product will be pea flour, which will be produced in a pea processing plant jointly designed by the two largest grain cooperatives.

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First food exhibition in a while!
02.09.2021 09:30
Cibus 2021 will take place from Tuesday 31 August to Friday 3 September.
Karavela / Kaija - hand packed
27.08.2021 08:00
Our Latvian customer Karavela / KAIJA pack their product by hand for better taste, quality and appearance! We are glad that we can cooperate and make their product gorgeous and more visible on supermarket shelves!
05.08.2021 09:00
1 kg thin-walled PP container with IML on the bucket and lid.
04.08.2021 09:00
Always pay attention to the percentage of fish in the cans.
If the product is in oil, the percentage of fish should mostly be 60-70%.
If the product is in a sauce, the percentage of fish should mostly be 50-60%.
Good fish is always the priority in the production of Karavela canned food.
Canpeel® packaging for Scandinavian customers
03.08.2021 09:00
Royal Selection Brisling Sardines - a new product line from a Norwegian manufacturer
210 ml Thin wall PP container for Scandinavian client
02.08.2021 16:30
BBQ Sauce Original from Hansen Charkuteri Family
Karavela / KAIJA new product with Canpeel® lid
15.07.2021 12:00
Our customer Karavela / KAIJA made new tuna in Extra Virgin olive oil! We love new black design and our lid as well
UNDA's new products in CANPEEL® packaging
21.06.2021 09:00
New product lines for UNDA
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